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Be a Fierce Sustainer of NYEP.

Be a Fierce Sustainer of NYEP.

At NYEP, we believe that any young person that wants an opportunity to get ahead in life AND is willing and capable to do what’s necessary to make the most of that opportunity should not be denied.

Did you know it only takes 2000 people to give $8.88 per month to sustain NYEP’s Community Living Program? This allows us to provide a residential life program to transitioning youth facing poverty and homelessness. We even provide an onsite clothing closet for youth in need.

You can make a difference!

By becoming a partner, your investment into this project will give both you and community a large payoff. It is estimated that an established adults will earn $375,300 over a lifetime. But, when a youth fails to realize their potential, they impose – on average and compared to other youth – an immediate taxpayer burden of $13,900 per year and an immediate social burden of $37,450 per year. Once they reach 25, they will subsequently impose a future lifetime taxpayer burden of $170,740 and a social burden of $529,030.

Multiple studies link the transition to (successful) independence to being adequately supported by parents. This includes life skills, opportunities to practice, accountability, resources, positive and adult interaction. We step in and create an extended family of sorts that prepares them for the life ahead.

We are 100% community funded. We receive NO federal, state or county tax dollars. We count on your help to do this important work.

Please click on the image below and click the Donate Now button, and partner with us today!
Be our angel. Be a Fierce Sustainer.

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